Get a Better Tan with Melanotan 2

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Get a Better Tan with Melanotan 2

A tanned body always seems to make a person look healthier and more attractive. Unfortunately, spending hours beneath the rays of the sun causes more harm than good. Using tanning lotions often leaves the skin with a fake orange color, which is definitely not attractive. Fortunately, melanotan 2 provides an easier way to get a great looking natural tan, without the side effects of UV rays. Melanotan 2 is a chemical developed to act on the natural pigmentation process of the body to create a deep all over tan.

The Basic Process

This product is designed to stimulate the natural production of pigment within the body by targeting the melanocortin receptors. It is also designed to be better absorbed into the system than its predecessor, Melanotan 1. Because it is a substance already found in the body, the risk of any side effects from using the product are minimal if any. The skin turns a natural tan color based on the pigment found in the body, so a light skinned person will get a golden bronze glow, while a darker skinned person will have their natural pigment enhanced.

Additional Benefits

Generally sold as a liquid form, this product is injected into the skin. Each bottle is kept sterile and sealed until ready to use. The liquid is injected under the skin so it can attach to the pigment producing receptors. The benefits of achieving a darker pigment for the skin, may also include an increased resistance to developing skin cancer. Since the receptors are already saturated with pigment, they cannot receive the pigment inducing effects caused by the sun. This natural blocking ability can significantly reduce a person's chances of developing skin cancer from exposure to the sun. This product also eliminates the risk of being sunburned in fair skinned individuals.

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