Finding a Way to the Perfect Bronzed Skin

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Finding a Way to the Perfect Bronzed Skin

Medical research can be an amazing thing. On one hand, it lets people be aware of the real effect which any number of factors can have on their health. But at the same time reality can be rather harsh. It's not at all uncommon for people to discover that the things they love are actually ticking time bombs. Any smoker or former smoker can attest to how hard it is to really realize that something which brings so much joy can actually be terrible for them. But at the same time, there's a reason why ignorance is never the best path to walk down. Because awareness allows people to find ways around these significant issues.

One of the perfect examples of this process can be seen with tanning. Almost everyone loves the look that a tan can provide. Bronzed skin speaks of great times at the beach. But a tan also brings simple visual appeal as well. But everyone has become aware that tanning also provides an increased risk of skin cancer. But while science has made traditional tanning a more daunting affair, it's also opened up the path for healthy tanning. This is because of something called melanotan.

Tans occur thanks to the production of melanin in the skin after exposure to sunlight. It's basically how the body protects itself when it notices that the sun is starting to causes damage. But melanotan acts as an earlier catalyst to this process. It starts production of melanin earlier than would normally occur. And perhaps most importantly melanotan also vastly increases the quantity of melanin that the body releases. This means that one can get a great tan with only a very short exposure to the sun. And this translates to a great, healthy, tan.

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