Looking Great While Still Feeling Great

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Looking good without the worry

Science is pretty amazing. Almost everyone could agree on that point. And just as many people would be happy to attest to the fact that technology is allowing modern medicine to do some pretty fantastic things as well. It's allowing people to discover the root causes of any number of injuries and illnesses. There's only one downside to that investigation. Sometimes it turns out that the things we love aren't actually good for us. Smokers certainly had that moment of revelation when the link to cancer was discovered. And people who love the look of a great tan have found themselves in an equally difficult position. However, there is a silver lining amidst the storm. Modern science and medicine isn't just about finding the causes of one's problems. It's also about finding solutions to get around them. In the case of tanning it's finally possible for the average person to take advantage of a medical breakthrough. It offers up the chance to get a great looking tan without the associated health risks.

Another way to look at tanning

This amazing discovery is known as melanotan. The name actually suggests how it's able to accomplish this amazing feat. A tan is produced by melanin that's slowly secreted as skin damage accumulates under continual exposure to the sun. Melanotan sits inside one's body, ready to act the second initial melanin secretion begins. Instead of the slower production associated with normal tanning the melanotan will essentially release everything the body has to use. This means that one can get hours worth of tanning with only a very small amount of exposure to the sun. And that level of exposure isn't enough to actually cause any health risks. Because of this, melanotan is able to provide a real tan. But it's a real tan without any risk. 

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