Facts And Some Myths About Melanotan

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First, melanotan does not increase a cancer risk. Actually melanotan is a type of synthetic cyclic lactam that assist your skin darkening effects as well as increasing your skin pigments to darken. The fact is that this report comes from clinical trials performed by researchers of the University of Arizona. Consider this, readers. Your body already has a natural occurring hormone for the process using your natural skin ergo, melanotan can only help with the defense against any cancer attack. Also, the Department of Pharmacology at the U of Arizona further discussed and reported the side effects of melanotan, but all the Arizona studies concluded that only mild nausea and spontaneous penile erections were mentioned.

What About Sun Exposure?

Sun exposure is a requirement to initiate the process, and that in itself, is considered by experts, one of the causing agents of skin cancer. Some recent results have shown that a subcutaneous "shot" did induce tanning of the skin, yet some skeptics still insist that more evidence is needed to be able to rate melanotan and melanotan II as a definite drug against skin cancer in bodies. Although some additional studies have suggested that both forms of melanotan and melanotan II can be used as weight loss treatments. Well, that may be a stretch at this time in history, but others who have studied the subject still contend that both are capable of decreasing your appetite that can, in the long term, be a catalyst for shedding some of those extra pounds.

Note: Using melanotan for impotence problems has been put on the success board as being capable to induce a solid erection in men who may be struggling with sex problems when the bell rings to perform. Regardless, melanotan should be considered.

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