Tanning Should Be a Fun Way to Look Great

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Beauty necessitates health and happiness

There's a lot of subjectivity to be found in the word beauty. Almost everyone has a different view of what beauty actually means. But there's a few things that most people can freely agree to. One of the most important things is that people need to feel good about themselves. A woman might work on her look for an entire morning, but she won't look great if she's not smiling. And this brings up one of the more talked about areas of the beauty world. People want to tan but they often feel that it'll make them unhappy in the long term. Their reasoning is quite easy to follow. Tanning makes people's skin look amazing. A bronzed and tanned body is something that most people agree is amazing. But at the same time, long term exposure to the sun has been proven to be very unhealthy. And this means that spending time in the sun to tan will usually make people apprehensive. This negates the whole point of trying to look good with a tan. But what many people are unaware of is the fact that it's possible to get a great tan without risking skin damage.

A great tan without needing to spend too long in the sun

The secret to a great tan that one can smile about is melanotan. Anyone familiar with the biology of tanning will have a clue to how the product works. Tanning comes about when the skin releases melanin to help fight solar radiation that's damaging the skin. The bronzed tone is the body's reaction to skin damage. But melanotan causes the release of melanin before, rather than after, damage occurs. This means that one can have a great tan without any risk of skin damage. The tanning happens within minutes of the sun hitting skin. And this means tanning in a totally safe way. 

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